About Us

iHub Investment

We are a team of highly experienced traders and investors of diversified portfolios ranging from digital assets to stocks that uses the power of modern technologies and Artificial Intelligence to generate revenue.

What We Do

We look for the best traders with a lot of experience with positive results and unite them to work together to achieve a common goal, that is to increase the revenue of our investment. We have a lot of traders working with us around the globe and we are progressing.

Our Values

We are very much concerned about our investors as we used the money to leverage the revenue generated our money is also used in the process. We are all concerned about increase in return of investment, so that both our investors, the core team and our marketers are happy.

Core Services

Investment Platform

We provide an investment platform for investors with little or no knowledge of cryptocurrencies to take advantage of this opportunity.


We partner and invest with various businesses on stocks and digital assets to generate revenue.

Market Making

We help stabilize new cryptocurrency exchange to reduce volatility of the market.

Our Core Team

Graham Robert


Downey Thomas

Chief Product Officer

Cox Gena

Financial Officer

Philip Wright

Marketing Officer
“They are always focused on looking for more money for leveraging so as to generate more money to keep the system stable, it was a nice time working with them”
Peter Stone

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