• iHub Investment Platform

    Is a platform to help you reach your Financial Goals

  • Diversify with various Coins

    Such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and many more...

  • Best ROI in the Market

    Earn daily investment returns starting from 4% for 30 days.

120% +

Starting from 4% daily returns to 14% daily returns you are guaranteed more than 120% Return of Investment.


With over 3000 active investors and still counting, we have gained more trust from the investment community and proven to be reliable.


Total worth of coins paid to our active investors as RoI from investments, bounties, bonuses and referrals.

Sign up today and start investing in the future of currency.

Safe and secure

Your assets are secure with us as we have set up various security measures to keep the system safe

Telegram Bot

We provide a telegram bot to enjoy the same features with the web investmnet portal.

Multiple Coins

You can easily diversify your portfolio as we have various coins you can invest with.


With simpe dashboard, you are able to easily create investment, withdrawals and deposits and monitor your transactions

Referral System

We give referrals bonuses of 10%, 5% and 2% for first, second and third levels respectively of their referrals investment.

Instant Transactions

Our system is operated automatically and we automatically approve transactions instantly.

iHub Investments

We are a team of highly experienced traders and investors of diversified portfolios ranging from digital assets to stocks that uses the power of modern technologies and Artificial Intelligence to generate profits

Pocket Friendly Packages

We have a lot of investment packages that you can choose from to maximixe the opportunity of generating revenues leveraging cryptocurrencies.

Top notch customer support

We are always available to come to your aid anytime as we are available 24/7 and we provide many mediums you can reach us.

How it Works

With these following steps below, you are good to get started

Fill the Form

You have to register to get access to the investment dashboard, if already have an account, you can sign in.

Deposit into Wallet

Then deposit the minimum investment amount of the coin of your choice and create an investment.

Make Profits

As soon as you have created an investment, you will watch your profits start growing rapidly.

Latest News

Be updated with the latest news of our investment platform, updates and changes and other cryptocurrencies updates.

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Featured Post
"iHub investment has proven to be stable for the past years, starting from a telegram bot to an online investment platform."
Brent Nelson
Tech Reviewer
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